Great food can only come from great ingredients. 

As natural raw food feeders ourselves, Raw Rawr was started to meet our uncompromising standards for raw natural diets. We select only the finest ingredients from New Zealand that are free from artificial growth hormones, antibiotics and inorganic synthetic additives.  

We are proud of our healthy, nutritionally-balanced and wholesome recipes – all developed to create the most delicious and tantalising meals.

Because, we know that you – like us – only want the best for our precious furkids.

Why Raw rawr?

Our goal at Raw Rawr is to make rawly good raw food.
We set ourselves apart by offering quality raw diets that do not compromise on nutrition. At the same time, we want to make raw feeding a convenient option for all.  

We believe that optimal canine health comes from a true-to-nature diet. This means a diet primarily based on protein – and not just any protein, but whole proteins from pasture-raised livestock and sustainably-sourced fish. To this diet, we include just the right amount and type of vegetables and bones to meet fibre and mineral needs.

While there are many raw diets in the market, not all of them meet our exacting standards for nutritional balance. Often, formulation imbalances (too much bone, fat and/or vegetable matter) lower the quality and nutritional value of the food.

Raw Rawr is created to be faithful to a carnivores’ natural diet