If your furkid is new to Raw Rawr, we recommend transitioning gradually over seven days.

1.        Start by replacing 25% of his/her current meals with Raw Rawr

2.        You can tell when pet has adjusted to Raw Rawr because the stool will become firmer

3.        You can gradually increase the amount of Raw Rawr over time and decrease the amount of their existing food

4.        To speed up the adjustment, you can add digestive enzymes, acidifier and probiotics to their food


Puppies between the ages of 8 weeks and up to 4 months that have never had a raw meat meal will need help adapting to this new diet because of their immature digestive systems.

In nature, puppies eat regurgitated (pre-digested) by their mother. Pet parents can stimulate this process by adding digestive enzymes and digestive acidifiers to the raw meal. Mix well and let it sit for 15mins before feeding. 

Sick and elderly animals that have been fed cooked and processed foods previously may also require some help when transitioning. 

Adding probiotics just before feeding helps to seed the intestinal tract with good bacteria to help digestion. To boost the lower stomach acidity of sick or old pets, digestive enzymes and digestive acidifiers are also helpful.